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Rich in Features, Affordable in Price

Fidure Corp’s A1730 Thermostat has a clean design and blends easily with its environment without competing for attention. The 4 inch easy-to-read screen is always on and automatically adjusts to the ambient light conditions to remain readable without emitting distracting light.

Summary of Features

  • Hold-till time and date (vacation or home rest mode)
  • Auto-Changeover between Heat and Cold
  • Graphic Display with easy to follow menus
  • On Screen or Remote Anti-Tamper Lock-Out
  • Stress free operation using tactile buttons on the right side
  • Easy to Install with detachable wall-plate
  • Adaptive algorithm for accurate temperature control
  • Measures the right combination of room and air temperature – not affected by drafts
  • Easy On-Screen and over-the-air Schedule Programming
  • Battery-less operation powered by 24VAC common wire
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrades
  • Power Amplified Long Range ZigBee® Radio
  • Acts as a Router/Range Extender
  • Auto-Clock Sync with ZigBee Time Server
  • Compatible with ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 Products

Comfort + Energy Saving

The A1730 series ZigBee Wireless Programmable Thermostats bring ultimate control, comfort, and energy saving to your home (or office). The adaptive algorithm keeps tight control on the temperature by measuring the right combination of room and air temperature. It is not affected by sudden drafts of air. The easy programming and remote control over ZigBee network allows you to use energy when you need to and minimize energy waste without sacrificing comfort.

Compatibility with Your Home Heating/AC system

Fidure Thermostats are compatible with most home control systems. The A1730 supports 1 Heat / 1 Cool Heat Pumps, or Conventional system (2 Heat/ 1 Cool in the case of A1732). The 24VAC “Common-Wire” is required (typically Black in color for 5-wire thermostat wirings).

Exceptional Warranty

All Fidure A1730 series come with 18-Month warranty.